When feasible, Friendship Force of Southern Oregon annually raises funds to provide "scholarships" (stipends) to a young student to enable that person to travel to another 

land for educational purposes. In determining a worthy recipient, members who interview candidates look for the following traits (among others):

  -- friendliness

  -- deep desire to learn about other cultures/peoples, and

  -- articulate, so as to report back to the club about his/her experiences.


The awarding of these scholarships provide the club with positive publicity, as well as promoting the mission of Friendship Force.

Recent recipients include:

Ethan Barrus:  A 5th- year senior student of Business Administration (Public Accounting focus), with a cumulative GPA of 3.88 , Ethan Barrus attended HTW Saarbrucken, Germany, this summer.  He looked forward, he said in his application, to stepping outside of the parochial views of my life in Southern Oregon and becoming more of an educated global citizen.”  Let’s see what he says about this – and about his other experiences abroad. 
Hannah Stevens
Hannah Stephens:  An incoming senior Criminal Justice major with a cumulative GPA of 3.97, Hannah Stephens studied in Rosario, Argentina.  Hannah told us that she hoped to further her Spanish skills and she looked forward to enrolling in a human rights class in order to be more able to fight for “the basic human rights I believe every individual should have.  She also expressed an interest in working with the Peace Corps.